CHARMANT 2012 Optical Eyewear Collection

CHARMANT 2012 Optical Eyewear Collection

Singapore, August 7, 2012 – The Charmant Group, the number one titanium eyewear brand in the world, will introduce the latest optical collection from its flagship brand, CHARMANT. It offers stylish eyewear with innovative technology and superior wearing comfort for men and women.

Designed to be simple and modern, the new men’s collection suggests light colors like green or orange for the eyewear that will spice up business attire. The women’s collection carries a rose motif as an accent this season. The subtle motif gives a refined feminine taste to a chic and stylish look. The CHARMANT collection designed with our head size database enables the wearer to combine a sophisticated style with comfortable wear.

The brand
CHARMANT stands for innovative technology and great wearing comfort made possible by our titanium material. Produced under thorough quality management, the brand offers lightness, the greatest advantage of titanium material and frames of absolute top level quality. It also provides classic and elegant designs alongside contemporary, affectionate details, making the most of the wearer’s unique personality in every part of their life.

CH10242 (RRP from S$185 onwards)
The fashionable patterned acetate sheet adds a modern taste to this clean and smooth bar-type front. The acetate temple using flexible beta-titanium core provides a relaxed fit to the face together with the design based on the head size database for Asians. Colors include: Black (BK), Blue (BL), Light Gray (LG), Red (RE), and White Gold (WG).

CH10243 (RRP from S$185 onwards)
This stylish design is excellently coordinated with lustrous color. Light tone like orange or purple becomes an accent with simple and cool attire. Comfortable wear is made possible by using flexible beta-titanium for the arm and the frame design based on the Charmant’s head size database. Colors include: Black (BK), Navy (NV), Orange (OR), Purple (PU), and Titan (TI).

CH10421 (RRP from S$185 onwards)
The stunning solid rose motif decorated on the side adorns the wearer’s face in an elegant way, and the cutting edge on the side adds a stylish taste. This half rim style is even more comfortable to wear thanks to use of lightweight titanium for the base and the Charmant’s proprietary head size database. Colors include: Black (BK), Brown (BR), Red (RE), and Violet (VO).

CH10423 (RRP from S$185 onwards)
Easy-wearing lens shape designed with a slim front rim. The cloisonné motif on the side together with the distinguished geometric rose pattern and deep colors makes for a slightly retro modern look. It uses the head size database for Asian for its design and smooth fit. Colors include: Black (BK), Pink (PK), and Red (RE).

About Charmant
For over fifty years, the Charmant Group has been renowned worldwide in the optical market for its pioneering work in research and development of new technologies. Striving for perfection and high quality through its products, the Japanese company has grown into one of the most important companies in the competitive global eyewear market. Reliable and quality driven, the Group has always succeeded in keeping its promise of perfection and dedicated service to the customer, while focusing on the aspirations and requirements of the consumer. This strong dedication to perfection can be experienced in Charmant´s house brands as much as in its licensed brands. With its expertise in high end quality production and broad global sales network distributing in more than 100 countries, the Charmant Group is a reliable and renowned licensed partner.

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