Armis announces APEX program for MSPs and MDRs

Editor’s brief: The leading asset visibility and security company Armis, has announced the Armis Partner Experience (APEX) Manage Program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Detection and Response Providers (MDRs). Read more below.

SINGAPORE Armis, the leading asset visibility and security company, today announced its Armis Partner Experience (APEX) Manage Program, a purpose-built partner program for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Detection and Response Providers (MDRs). The APEX Manage Program is an evolution of the APEX Program launched by Armis one year ago, and aims to elevate and enrich service providers with a modern approach to building cyber investigation, detection, threat hunting, and remediation services across every asset in every environment.

Over the past year, the APEX Program has grown significantly across the globe. The Armis channel now services over one-hundred countries worldwide. Over 2,000 sales and technical professionals have been trained and certified since inception, resulting in a 200% increase in partner-identified opportunities.

“Armis is building a powerful service provider ecosystem that can help MSPs and MDRs evolve their businesses in a highly differentiated way, allowing for them to increase efficiencies and reduce overhead,” said David Creed, VP of Worldwide Service Providers, Armis. “We aim to provide an out-of-the-box multi-tenant workbench that requires zero engineering effort, little-to-no capital investment, or personnel skill set up-leveling. This empowers MSPs and MDRs to quickly and easily offer their clients a unified and complete view of the digital attack surface of their organization, enabling end-users with improved cybersecurity postures.”

The Armis Asset Intelligence Platform is the industry’s most comprehensive asset intelligence platform providing unified asset visibility and superior security across all asset types, including IT, IoT, OT, IoMT, cloud and cellular-IoT, managed or unmanaged. The Armis Asset Intelligence Engine– the world’s largest asset knowledgebase – is tracking over three billion devices⁠, and growing.

“At Expel, we aim to make security easy to understand, use, and improve,” said Justin Bajko, Co-Founder & VP, Strategy and Business Development at Expel. “Through our partnership with Armis, we are able to further this goal and have a tremendous impact on the security strategies of organizations.”

“For the healthcare organizations we serve, cybersecurity has become critically important in supporting the effective delivery of patient safety and care,” said Preston Duren, Vice President Cybersecurity Operations at Fortified Health Security. “Armis understands the unique challenges healthcare organizations face, considering the ever-expanding connected devices relied on to monitor and care for patients. The company’s ability to accurately identify medical devices, device vulnerabilities, and active threats is a key component of our IoMT managed services.”

Delivered as an agentless SaaS platform, Armis seamlessly integrates with existing IT and security stacks to quickly deliver the contextual intelligence needed for improving an organization’s security posture, without disrupting current operations or workflows. Trusted by Fortune 100 companies worldwide, Armis helps customers protect against unseen operational and cyber risks, increase efficiencies, optimize use of resources, and safely innovate with new technologies to grow their business.

“Our team is committed to proactively anticipating trends and creating solutions that enable enterprises to capitalize on change,” said Adrian Alonso, Practice Director at TEKsystems Global Services. “In the world of connected assets and cybersecurity, change is the only constant. We’re proud of our partnership with Armis, which enables us to combine our real-world expertise to solve the technology and business challenges that our clients are experiencing on a global scale.”