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Zweitägiges Programm mit Top-Rednern und Praktikern, die Wissen über Cybersicherheit, Arbeitssicherheit und einen Öl- und Gasausblick austauschen

Bangkok, Thailand, @mcgallen#microwireinfo, 24. Oktober 2018 - HIMA, the leading provider of smart safety solutions for industrial applications, launches the first ever HIMA Users Conference Asia Pacific 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand, from October 24 to 25, 2018, at the Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers (Bangrak, Bangkok).

The inaugural Users Conference provides deep industry insights on topics such as Cybersecurity, Industrial Safety, and trends of the Oil & Gas Industry in Asia Pacific. Among the top speakers are Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner, HIMA, Sankar Ramakrishnan, CEO, Taweelarp Pornkul, VP, PTT Energy Solutions, and Bob Gill, GM South East Asia, ARC Advisory Group.

"Sicherheit" für den Industriesektor

Während Industrieanlagen und Infrastrukturen nur durch ihre funktionale Sicherheit angemessen und angemessen sind, hat sich das Feld dahingehend verändert, dass es heute sowohl Sicherheit als auch Schutz erfordert.

“Safecurity” is a natural evolution of HIMA’s laser focus on bringing Smart Safety and Security together for industrial applications. While the world defends and protects against hackers in e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, government and other sectors, the industrial sector is often neglected in terms of cybersecurity.

HIMA has pioneered the convergence of managing both safety and security together, so that plants and infrastructures will always work well under pressure, and will not succumb to cyberattacks. Already, nine out of ten of the biggest gas companies and ten out of ten of the largest oil companies in the world rely on HIMA technologies. Standards are everything, and HIMA covers the world’s highest safety standards, ensuring that customers will comply with regulatory requirements and be ready for the future.

Leading analyst group Frost & Sullivan recognized HIMA in June 2018, with the “Asia Pacific Process Safety System Growth Excellence Leadership Award”, a gratifying recognition for 110 years of excellence at HIMA.

Eröffnungseinreise nach Thailand mit Wissensplattform

“Thailand hosts one of the region’s most developed and advanced oil and gas and industrial chemicals markets, and has practitioners from the Kingdom and the region thirsting for practical and actionable knowledge. Industrial facilities and critical infrastructures are also becoming incredibly complex, with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). With the encroachment of cybersecurity and legal compliance into the industrial space, there is now a critical need to not only ensure industrial plants and critical infrastructures work around the clock without fail, but also ensure hackers are kept at bay from crippling or holding at ransom these plants and infrastructures,” says Friedhelm Best, Vice President, Asia Pacific, HIMA. “Having installed more than 35,000 TÜV-certified safety systems worldwide over the last 45 years, we have pioneered the actionable systems philosophy of ‘Safecurity’, where Safety and Security are tightly intertwined to provide fail-safe systems at plants and infrastructures around the world. At the Users Conference 2018 in Bangkok, we have gathered a panel of pracitioner-speakers to ensure that our colleagues from diverse industrial fields come together to learn and share together the mission-critical knowledge and actionable insights of ‘Safecurity’.”

With an estimated 70% of attendees coming from Thailand’s major oil and gas industries, practitioners and experts alike are converging at the inaugural HIMA Users Conference Asia Pacific 2018 to find practical solutions to specific challenges to the industry, especially with fast changing processes and value chains, including safety and cybersecurity. With bottom lines and profits becoming razor-thin especially against volatile resource pricing and cross-border tussles worldwide, there is a greater need to find better ways to profitability and sustainability. The Users Conference brings together the best minds to define better profitability and sustainability scenarios and cases. It is also the best singular platform to network with new colleagues and partners.

Höhepunkte der Konferenz

HIMA Users Conference Asia Pacific 2018 features some of these mission-critical and actionable insights from these speakers:

  1. 24. Oktober (Mi)
    • 0915 bis XNUMX Tage geliefert,
      Eröffnungsrede: Eine neue Ära der Prozesssicherheit
      Steffen Phillip, Owner & Managing Partner, HIMA
    • 0930 bis XNUMX Tage geliefert,
      Keynote: Sind professionelle Ingenieure bereit für die neue Industrienorm?
      Taweelarp Pornkul, Vizepräsident, PTT Energy Solutions
    • 1100 bis XNUMX Tage geliefert,
      Funktionale Sicherheit in der heutigen vernetzten Welt
      Dr. Alexander Horch, VP R&D & Product Management, HIMA
    • 1330 bis XNUMX Tage geliefert,
      Sicherheit wird klug
      Stefan Basenach, Head of Business Segment Process, HIMA
    • 1530 bis XNUMX Tage geliefert,
      Prozesssicherheitssysteme - Markttrends und -strategien
      Bob Gill, ARC-Beratergruppe
  2. 25. Oktober (Do)
    • 0830 bis XNUMX Tage geliefert,
      Live-Hacking-Demo, wie industrielle Systeme und industrielles IoT gehackt werden können.
      Thomas Querk, Redcon-Sicherheitsberater
    • 0900 bis XNUMX Tage geliefert,
      Keynote: Wie Assets die Cybersicherheit und ihre Wirksamkeit verwalten
      Sharul A Rashid, Hauptingenieur, Instrumente & Steuerungen, Petronas
    • 1030 bis XNUMX Tage geliefert,
      Ganzheitlicher Ansatz für eine sichere letzte Verteidigungslinie
      Sujith Pannikar, Director Consulting APAC, HIMA
  3. 25. Oktober - Breakout-Sessions
    • CapEx-Reduzierung für rentablere Anlagen
    • Asset Life Studies von Sicherheitssystemen
    • Ertragsverbesserungen für die Öl- und Gasindustrie
    • Kontrolle und Schutz von Kompressoren und Turbomaschinen
    • Kontrolle und Schutz von Öfen und Kesseln
    • Kontrolle und Schutz von Pipelines und Lecksuche
    • Hochintegrierte Druckschutzsysteme (HIPPS)

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Biografische Kurzberichte

Steffen Philipp, Owner & Managing Partner, HIMA
Steffen Philipp is HIMA’s Managing Partner and heads the family-owned enterprise in its fourth generation. With an openness to the new and a knack for solid economic action, Steffen Philipp, art and jazz enthusiast, banker, and economist transformed HIMA into the world’s leading enterprise for safety technology. And today, he charts the company’s strategic course into the digital age.

Sankar Ramakrishnan, CEO, HIMA

Sankar Ramakrishnan has been CEO of the HIMA Group since 2013. He places people at the center of the enterprise culture – not in spite of HIMA’s status as a leading technology enterprise, but because of it. Sankar has more than 30 years of extensive industry experience and can draw upon his international background and intercultural competence from professional positions in America, Asia and Europe. Before joining HIMA, he worked as Vice President Product Management and Head of Rail Automation India at Siemens.

Dr. Alexander Horch, Vice President, R&D & Product Management, HIMA
Since April 2016, Dr. Alexander Horch is Vice President Research, Development & Product Management at HIMA. Before he worked as Principal Scientist at ABB Corporate Research in Germany with a focus on process plant optimization and plant asset management. Between 2007 and 2016 he held different management roles in the areas of process control systems and automation of electrical grids, smart grids, manufacturing plants, robotics as well as Industrial Internet (Industrie 4.0) for ABB Germany and ABB Switzerland. Dr. Horch is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Automation Professional (CAP) of the ISA. His R&D work was complemented by publications and seminars, regular lectures at university of Stuttgart and ETH Zürich as well as work for some standardization organizations.

Friedhelm Best, Vizepräsident Asien-Pazifik, HIMA
Friedhelm Best is Vice President of the Asia Pacific Region at HIMA. He previously worked as Sales Director for Europe and Africa at HIMA and Director of Global Key Account Management Industry in the Electrical Sector of Eaton Corporation. Friedhelm began his career as a sales engineer at HARTING in Germany, and was subsequently key account manager for Automotive Production. He earned degrees in precision engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Wilhelmshaven and in industrial engineering and management. Friedhelm Best also is a certified Functional Safety Engineer.

Über uns HIMA
Das HIMA Group ist der weltweit führende unabhängige Anbieter von intelligenten Sicherheitslösungen für industrielle Anwendungen. Mit mehr als 35,000 installierten TÜV-zertifizierten Sicherheitssystemen weltweit, HIMA gilt als Technologieführer in diesem Bereich. Seine erfahrenen Ingenieure entwickeln maßgeschneiderte Lösungen, die dazu beitragen, die Sicherheit, Cybersicherheit und Rentabilität von Anlagen und Fabriken im digitalen Zeitalter zu erhöhen. Seit über 45 Jahren, HIMA ist ein vertrauenswürdiger Partner der weltweit größten Öl-, Gas-, Chemie- und Energie produzierenden Unternehmen. Diese verlassen sich auf HIMA Lösungen, Dienstleistungen und Beratung für einen unterbrechungsfreien Anlagenbetrieb und den Schutz von Sachwerten, Menschen und Umwelt. HIMADas Angebot von umfasst intelligente Sicherheitslösungen, die dazu beitragen, die Sicherheit und Verfügbarkeit zu erhöhen, indem Daten in geschäftsrelevante Informationen umgewandelt werden. HIMA bietet auch umfassende Lösungen für die effiziente Steuerung und Überwachung von Turbomaschinen (TMC), Brennern und Kesseln (BMC) und Pipelines (PMC). In der globalen Bahnindustrie HIMADie CENELEC-zertifizierten SIL4-COTS-Sicherheitssteuerungen von sind wegweisend für mehr Sicherheit, Sicherheit und Rentabilität. Das 1908 gegründete Familienunternehmen agiert von über 50 Standorten weltweit mit Hauptsitz in Brühl, Deutschland. Mit einer Belegschaft von rund 800 Mitarbeitern HIMA erwirtschaftete 123 einen Umsatz von 2017 Millionen Euro. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: €XNUMX