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Singapore, @mcgallen #microwireinfo, April 9, 2019 – Dynaudio, the legendary Danish loudspeaker manufacturer, has launched Evoke – a new, five-strong family of passive hi-fi speakers designed to bring true high-end technology, build-quality and luxurious finishes to every kind of lifestyle.

Evoke has been designed and engineered from the ground-up, and features award-winning advanced technologies ported directly from Dynaudio’s high-end Contour line and the top-of-the-range Confidence series (previewed at 2018’s Munich High-End show).

The range consists of two standmounters (Evoke 10 and Evoke 20), two floorstanders (Evoke 30 and Evoke 50) and a dedicated centre-channel (Evoke 25C) that turns the line-up into a full home-cinema system.

Listen to your favourite album for the first time. Again.
Evoke is the latest triumph by the experts in Dynaudio Labs, the company’s new state-of-the-art R&D facility at its headquarters in Denmark. The design process took the team to new heights of innovation as well as an intensive audio analysis in the massive Jupiter measuring facility, and not to mention hours of good, old-fashioned listening by the engineers, business leaders and friends of Dynaudio alike.

The all-new Cerotar tweeter
It’s a brand-new design based on Dynaudio’s award-winning Esotar Forty anniversary tweeter and the mighty Esotar3 found in the new top-of-the-range Confidence Series. Underneath the 28mm soft-dome diaphragm sits the new Hexis inner dome. This optimises the airflow behind the playing surface to smoothen the tweeter’s frequency response and eliminate unwanted resonances. The new motor has strontium carbonate Ferrite+ ceramic magnets to further increase sensitivity.

The new Esotec+ woofers
Features Dynaudio’s proprietary MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) in their diaphragms – just like all the company’s home, professional studio and automotive speakers have done for decades. The 14cm versions in Evoke 10, 30 and 25C have new surrounds and improved Ferrite+ magnet systems to extend their throw, frequency response and low-frequency dynamics – all while maintaining stellar midrange performance. The 18cm drivers in Evoke 20 and 50 borrow technologies from the Contour and Confidence speakers to deliver eyebrow-raising low-frequency dynamics and timing. The Evoke 50’s midrange driver is directly derived from the much-loved high-end Contour 60 speaker. It has a powerful neodymium magnet, plus lightweight materials which includes an aluminium voice-coil specifically optimised for midrange duties. All Evoke speakers feature high-grade crossovers fitted with premium components to drive a commanding performance.

Each of the clean, elegant cabinets is the result of months of painstaking and relentless prototyping and refinement. They are available in four finishes: Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Walnut Wood, and Blonde Wood.

New lacquering techniques mean the gloss versions have a stunning, almost glass-like finish, while the wood versions have open veneers for a warm, natural feeling.

“We created Evoke because we want everyone to be able to enjoy genuine hi-fi we all aspire to, without having to rearrange rooms, throw out much-loved equipment, or agonise over the price. We created Evoke for the people who only desire to agonise over what to listen to next,” says Otto Jørgensen, Product Manager, Dynaudio.

Availability and Pricing

Evoke 1 (S$2499) is a compact two-way standmounter with a 14cm long-throw woofer. Like all new Evoke models, it features Dynaudio’s new 28mm Cerotar tweeter with the new Hexis inner dome.

Evoke 20 (S$3599) is the larger of the two Evoke standmounters. This two-way design pairs the 28mm Cerotar tweeter and Hexis with an 18cm long-throw woofer.

Evoke 30 (S$5999) is a compact 2.5-way floorstander. Under one metre tall, it has two 14cm long-throw woofers and the 28mm Cerotar tweeter (complete with the ingenious Hexis inner dome) to make for some serious presence.

Evoke 50 (S$7999) is a large three-way floor-standing loudspeaker. The biggest loudspeaker of the Evoke line, it combines a single 15cm midrange driver with a pair of 18cm long-throw woofers and the Cerotar tweeter, fitted with the Hexis.

Evoke 25C (S$2299) is a 2.5-way centre channel speaker comprising two 14cm long-throw woofers, as well as the range’s Cerotar tweeter (and Hexis), ensuring sonic parity in Evoke multi-channel systems.

The entire range is now available at AV One Showroom (1 Coleman Street, #01-01/10/21/22, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803).

About Dynaudio
Dynaudio was founded in 1977 in Skanderborg, Denmark. Today, it’s recognised as a leading manufacturer of high-quality audio systems, and one of the world’s most distinguished high-end audio companies. Dynaudio designs, engineers and manufactures dedicated systems for professional studios, as well as car audio and home hi-fi and consumer loudspeaker products, from its state-of-the-art facility in Denmark. The company is particularly recognised for its advanced driver technology designed, engineered, and continuously developed in-house, not to mention its furniture-grade, handcrafted Danish cabinetry.

About AV One
AV One was designed to spread the passion of sound-making and the enjoyment derived from consuming high-quality media on high fidelity systems. The company is spearheaded by a family of 3 brothers who since young, had an affinity with music and visual related elements. Passionate endeavours are often contagious, and this story is no exception. By sharing their passions around with friends and family, AV One was eventually conceived. This humble family business has since grown from strength to strength, innovating appropriately when trends and technologies evolve. Since then, AV One is now a THX-Certified on staff company, housesthe most advanced and renowned audio and visual brand under its exclusive distribution in Singapore. Also in its portfolio are more than 7000 bespoke residential and commercial projects commissioned under its auspices.

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