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• 123 million Euro turnover in financial year 2017
• High order intake despite restrained investments in oil and gas market
• Rail segment achieves dynamic growth

Singapore, @mcgallen #microwireinfo, October 24, 2018 – In the 2017 financial year, the HIMA Group’s turnover totaled EUR 123 million, thus remaining at the previous year’s level. Although sales revenue declined slightly compared to the previous year (-2.3%), due to difficult conditions within the process industry (the oil and gas sector in particular), new order intake increased by 5.3%. While HIMA struggled against the industry’s reluctance to invest in the process segment, the safety specialist recorded double-digit growth in its rail business.

“The price of crude oil has recovered somewhat in comparison to previous years, nevertheless 2017 still saw a noticeable reluctance by oil-producing companies to invest. That also had an impact on our business results,” says Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner of the HIMA Group. “We’re pleased we were successfully able to assert ourselves in this difficult environment.”

Milestones in the process segment

Even though the global process industry was generally cautious in 2017, HIMA achieved important successes in its core business. These include the signing of a long-term service agreement by Japanese oil company INPEX for maintenance of the safety systems at the Ichthys LNG project in Australia. Ichthys is one of the largest energy projects in the world, and HIMA has been involved in the project since 2009. The systems, equipped with safety technology from Brühl, Germany, were successfully put into operation in 2018 after nearly ten years of planning and construction.

In addition, HIMA has entered into new strategic partnerships and has commenced direct sales in the UK and Ireland. Instead of having a system integrator, customers now have direct access there to HIMA’s solutions and services.

Rail business booming

HIMA continues to grow steadily in the rail segment, with 2017 once again witnessing a double-digit increase. Commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) safety controllers have established themselves within the rail industry and proven themselves worldwide. In 2017, HIMA won a 1.8 million Euro contract in the rail segment, the company’s biggest ever award in the industry and one which saw state-owned company PT Len in Indonesia modernize a total of 25 railway stations using HIMA technology. Follow-up orders have already been placed in the interim and a long-term cooperation agreement has been concluded. “We want to expand the rail business and expect further dynamic growth in the coming years. We currently have 50 partners in over 30 countries which use our COTS systems,” commented HIMA CEO Sankar Ramakrishnan.

Meeting the future with strong partners

With its new “Smart Safety” positioning introduced in 2017, the family-owned company has also further sharpened its profile as the first point of contact for intelligent safety solutions. HIMA is using 2018 to underscore its ambition to assume technology leadership by organizing a total of five user conferences on three continents. The events in Shanghai, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Dordrecht (NL) and Mannheim boasted between 80 and 150 participants. Users, partners and industry experts discussed new challenges such as cybersecurity which have arisen in the course of digitization, as well as exploring market trends and future-oriented security concepts.

“The current year has seen the business climate in the process industry brighten considerably, and we can see that the course we’ve taken from being a component supplier to a solution provider is bearing fruit. For the 2018 financial year, we expect sales to exceed the previous year’s figure by somewhere in the single-digit percentage range. The market for safety and security is a growth market across industries, thus we’re optimistic about the future,” said HIMA CFO Tobias Hoche. “By investing in digital infrastructure we’re also laying the foundation for future growth and looking to consistently expand our position in international markets,” Hoche added.

HIMA executive group photo (Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner of the HIMA Group (centre), together with CEO Sankar Ramakrishnan (right) and CFO Tobias Hoche.)
Steffen Philipp, Managing Partner of the HIMA Group (centre), together with CEO Sankar Ramakrishnan (right) and CFO Tobias Hoche.
Image © HIMA Paul Hildebrandt GmbH

2018 is a special anniversary year for HIMA. For many decades, the safety specialist – founded in 1908 – has played a major role in shaping safety standards and has driven innovations to develop the market for industrial safety. Drawing on 110 years of experience, HIMA develops solutions for the digital industrial age and is ready for the challenges of the future.

About HIMA
The HIMA Group is the world’s leading independent provider of smart safety solutions for industrial applications. With more than 35,000 installed TÜV-certified safety systems worldwide, HIMA qualifies as the technology leader in this sector. Its expert engineers develop customized solutions that help increase safety, cyber security and profitability of plants and factories in the digital age. For over 45 years, HIMA has been a trusted partner to the world’s largest oil, gas, chemical, and energy-producing companies. These rely on HIMA solutions, services and consultancy for uninterrupted plant operation and protection of assets, people and the environment. HIMA’s offering includes smart safety solutions that help increase safety and uptime by turning data into business-relevant information. HIMA also provides comprehensive solutions for the efficient control and monitoring of turbomachinery (TMC), burners and boilers (BMC) and pipelines (PMC). In the global rail industry, HIMA’s CENELEC-certified SIL4 COTS safety controllers are leading the way to increased safety, security and profitability. Founded in 1908, the family-owned company operates from over 50 locations worldwide with its headquarters in Bruehl, Germany. With a workforce of approximately 800 employees, HIMA generated a turnover of €123 million in 2017. For more information, please visit: