Meeof Launches Location-based Community Building Platform In Singapore

Local Start-up, Meeof Beta Launches The First Location-based Community Building Platform In Singapore

Connects People Within The Local Neighbourhood With Real Time Activity Updates

  • Real-time updates enable timely participation of activities
  • Connecting people in the community with the similar hobbies and interests
  • Fostering community spirit through group interaction and sharing

Singapore, @mcgallen #microwireinfo, 22 August 2017 – Meeof Singapore announces the launch of, a new lifestyle focused, location-based social network, connecting like-minded people within the local neighbourhood, based on proximity and interest.

To use Meeof, the user simply creates a profile, include interests and set location, to receive updates of preferred activities within the chosen parameters. A user can also set up private events with friends, or public events to connect with people with the same interest, living within the vicinity and meet in person, offline.

Tommy Gotfredsen, Founder and CEO, Meeof Pte Ltd
Tommy Gotfredsen, Founder and CEO, Meeof Pte Ltd

The idea was born in 2015, when Meeof founder, Tommy Gotfredsen and his family moved back to Singapore, after being away in Denmark for seven years. Upon their return, much has changed in Singapore. As a father to two young children, Tommy actively seeks family-friendly activities near his home and hopes to find other families in close proximity to share experiences with and for mutual support. However, a platform to discover nearby activities or know of families who may have the same interest was not available.

Hence, Tommy founded Meeof, short for ‘Meeting Offline‘ in Singapore. Meeof is a location-based lifestyle web app, with timely updates about activities within the set vicinity. Families and individuals, especially those who move to new estates, can find out the latest offers, fun events, or interesting conversations within close proximity, around their home or current location, with Meeof. Meeof is powered by people’s passion to share ongoing activities or interesting facts in the neighbourhood. If a user cannot find an activity of interest, he or she can create a new event, amongst a private group of friends or open to public to find like-minded individuals.

“My vision was to create a digital platform for the community, to update each other in real time and stay updated on things happening in the neighbourhood. It can be a carnival, an offer, an ongoing session of board game or a workout, no one misses out on any experiences that will have shared memories. Neighbourhoods have changed in many ways over the years, but places where people connect with each other and provide mutual support are places we feel most at home.” said Tommy Gotfredsen, Founder and CEO, Meeof Pte Ltd. “The app is a conduit for building strong and cohesive communities within the local neighbourhood, and developing a strong sense of belonging, and possibly the beginning of real lifelong friendships, beyond online ones.”

“Singapore is a cosmopolitan and yet culturally-rich city state, and is flourishing with dining, cultural and leisure experiences. The social network is a convenient way for us to reach out to fellow Singaporeans in the neighbourhood with similar interest.” commented Mr. Chang Ling Seow, Singaporean, and member of “This is also a great platform to reach out to expatriate families in the area, to help them integrate better in Singapore, and to experience the wealth of experiences we love. Many of these families are our colleagues and friends, and what little leisure time we have after our busy work, can be well managed through the platform.”

Meeof is currently operating on Beta trial at The Meeof team is also in the process of developing its native application, which will be available on both iOS and Android interfaces during Meeof’s official launch.

For more information on how Meeof can connect you to your next neighbourhood activity, please refer to the following video:

About Meeof
Meeof is a location-based social network that revolutionises the way people connect, socialise and share real-time information in the neighbourhood, based on location and interest. Meeof is currently available at