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Food court food in Singapore are not exactly the most exciting, many stalls offering cookie-cutter variety of food that seem to have crawled out of a central kitchen, with tastes best described as bland, to put it kindly.

Now and then, however, you seen an enthusiastic stall with owners who are different from everyday fare found in most food courts, and with food that are cooked to the best of their abilities, with simple materials that they can best afford, to serve up dishes that are at least a notch higher than other stalls in these food courts.

Renee’s is a simple Western fare stall in Great World City, and offers a variety of Western dishes ranging from beef steak, pork cutlets, and of course, fish fillets.

Unlike some places, Renee’s fish is large and palatable, with simple side dishes such as coleslaw and mashed potato, topped with a selection of sauces. The taste is simple and understated, and it is up to you to add chili, salt and pepper if you wish. I didn’t need to.

For the honest prices, I would rate the fish I ordered as value-for-money. Nothing spectacular, but sufficiently wowed by the decent quality and price. You can’t possibly eat expensive meals every day unless you are well endowed, but for everyday Joes and Janes, Renee’s offer a taste of the West, a diversion from most stalls which serve only Asian fare, at prices you can afford.