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Food makes us happy, and accessible places make us even happier. There is now a cute little hideout of a cafe at Maxwell House, bright and cheerful, with a small menu selection if you are not fussy, and nice coffee to boot.

Maxwell House is an old office building that is unadorned and largely boring to tears, although it does boast of 2 food outlets, one more of a mainstream lunch takeaway place with decent prices and local flavors. Next to it is a tiny little new Seedling cafe that serves way too few lunch items, but does boast of a nice drinks selection of coffee and teas.

I am not a salmon fan mostly, nor am I a “medium rare” beef person. So their only other lunch item is the Sous-Vide Chicken Breast Rice Bowl. The portion is petite, fit for a lady perhaps, and not quite the hearty portion we gymrats desire. But the taste is nice, the bosses are friendly, and most of all, I love their coffee over the American franchise cafes’ versions. The Seedling Americano is smooth, rich, and not bitter, testament to their knowledge of just the right temperature to make good decent coffee.

Seedling Cafe - chicken breast rice bowl with Americano coffee
Seedling Cafe – chicken breast rice bowl with Americano coffee