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Editor’s brief: With the uncertainty these days, it is no wonder that insurance has become one of the important considerations of people in taking care of themselves and families. The ongoing endemic certainly is compounding to the complexity of daily living, even as the world thaws with less controls and measures. Hospitalization is always a grave worry for many, as costs can escalate quickly, or become unpredictable due to clinical complications and diagnoses. Singapore insurer HL Assurance launches its “Hospital Protect 360” to Singapore residents. The vendor’s release is below.

HL Assurance launches “Hospital Protect 360” in Singapore to bolster unforeseen expenses and safeguard customers’ financial milestones

Kelvin Lim, CEO, HL Assurance Pte Ltd, Singapore
Kelvin Lim, CEO, HL Assurance Pte Ltd, Singapore

SINGAPORE, @mcgallen #microwireinfo, March 1, 2022– Multi award-winning insurer, HL Assurance, today announces the launch of “Hospital Protect 360”, a hospital income protection policy that is designed to bolster the unexpected financial expenses incurred in the event of unforeseen accidents or illnesses. The new policy provides daily cash payouts of up to S$900 per day in the event of hospitalisation, and a S$10,000 COVID-19 lump sum benefit. These benefits under the new “Hospital Protect 360” policy will be claimable on top of the existing policies the insured policyholder has.

“At HL Assurance, we understand that unplanned expenses can be disruptive for future planning and hinder individuals from their financial milestones. Moreover, it may come as a rude shock for anyone to deal with unforeseen injury or illness, and the hospitalisation bills that comes along with it.” says Kelvin Lim, CEO at HL Assurance. “With the launch of ‘Hospital Protect 360’, we want to give our customers a peace of mind when faced with the need for hospital treatments. The new policy seeks to give our customers the protection they deserve, while safeguarding their financial milestones, and provide them with the financial supplement they need to bolster these unforeseen costs,” continued Lim.

HL Assurance’s new “Hospital Protect 360” protection plan will be offered across three tiers with varying coverage. Key benefits include:

  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit: Payouts of up to S$300 per day in the event of hospitalisation, for up to 365 days;
  • Triple Hospital Cash Benefit: Payouts of up to S$900 per day in the event of ICU hospitalisation, for up to 30 days;
  • Recuperation Benefit: Claim up to S$100 per day for up to 30 days for each day you are given a medical certificate, after a week of hospitalisation;
  • Reimbursement Benefit: Reimbursements of up to S$500 per policy year for ambulance and transportation expenses to and from hospitals for follow ups or re-admissions, within 90 days from date of discharge;
  • Special COVID-19 benefit: Lump sum benefit of S$10,000 in the event policyholder is hospitalised for 5 days or more due to a serious COVID-19 infection, or death resulting directly from COVID-19;
  • No claim bonus: Refund of 20% of the premiums to be paid back to the policyholder should there be no claims for the year.

Application eligibility and availability

HL Assurance’s “Hospital Protect 360” is available to all individuals* residing in Singapore aged 18 to 65 years old, including Singapore citizens, Singapore permanent residents, and foreigners holding a valid employment pass, work permit, dependent pass, or long term visit pass.

HL Assurance’s “Hospital Protect 360” is available from 21 Feb 2022 and more details can be found at

* General and Occupational Exclusions applies. For the full list of exclusions and limitations of cover, please refer to

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