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Traveling out of Singapore? HL Assurance provides medical concierge with its travel insurance

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Editor’s brief: For Singapore residents with a pent up desire to get out of the tiny space, travel is slowly thawing again, with more and more people traveling abroad. However, the nagging endemic that is still ongoing is edging in some uncertainty and maybe anxiety for travelers. For all travelers, getting a travel insurance is a must these days. HL Assurance, a Singapore insurance company, is strengthening its travel insurance with its endemic-relevant “medical concierge” service. Read more below.

Singapore – HL Assurance announces the first travel insurance plan in Singapore with built-in 24/7 access to COVID-19 medical concierge at no additional fees.

Unpredictable changes such as sudden travel bans and quarantine requirements can easily derail an overseas trip nowadays. Travellers may be caught off guard in a foreign country, unsure of how to navigate new COVID requirements, or faced with a significant medical and living expense if tested positive. In the event when medical evacuation is required, cost can escalate rapidly.

As a financial safeguard against pandemic-related expenses and situations, travellers are turning to travel insurance to protect themselves from unplanned travel expenses. Travel insurance often offer good medical coverage but not all travel insurance cover COVID-related problems.

HL Assurance, a general insurance provider that offers affordable and good-value insurance to protect the common person from everyday risk, is incorporating a 24/7 COVID-19 medical concierge service in all tiers of COVIDSafe Travel Protect360, the HL Assurance travel insurance plan.

Starting from 1 March 2022, HL Assurance COVIDSafe Travel Protect360 policy holder has 24/7 access to COVID-19 Medical Concierge via communication methods of their choice. Whether it is by email, phone, whatsapp or click-to-call via an embedded link on HL Assurance web site, a personalised service is assured. A live human agent will respond within just 3 minutes.

HL Assurance COVIDSafe Travel Protect360 policy holders will have access to the following medical concierge services:

Before departure from Singapore, HL Assurance policy holders can check HL Assurance medical concierge web site for:

  • destination medical advice and facilities recommendations
  • destination COVID-19 entry regulations
  • referral to a testing facility in Singapore for pre-departure testing, with the option to assist with appointment scheduling
  • COVID 19 Country situation updates

While traveling, either in transit or at destination, HL Assurance policy holders can contact HL Assurance medical concierge for:

  • return trip COVID-19 exit regulations
  • referral to a COVID-19 testing facility for pre-return testing, with the option to assist with appointment scheduling
  • subscribe to real-time medical and security travel alerts
  • COVID 19 Country situation updates

When falling sick, HL Assurance policy holders can contact HL Assurance medical concierge for:

  • medical consultation with a doctor on-call
  • hospital admission and guarantee-of-payment
  • medical monitoring  while in hospital or at quarantine facility (e.g hotel, government facility, etc)
  • medical evacuation and repatriation
  • onward journey management:
    • change of flight, hotel bookings
    • emergency message transmission to family members, work colleagues etc

HL Assurance COVIDSafe Travel Protect360 is one of the most comprehensive & flexible travel insurance in Singapore covering COVID related situations. Features such as flexibility in travel date changes, substantial overseas hospital cash benefits, overseas quarantine allowance, travel delay, postponement and disruptions reimbursements provides a safety net for travellers.  With the addition of the medical concierge service, policy holders can have a peace of mind that help is just a phone call, text or email away during these uncertain times.