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Singapore, @mcgallen #microwireinfo, December 3, 2019 – HST Medical, the trusted Singapore company for health supplements, expands its offerings in the Zoo-Vite line for children with the Germ Buster Elderberry Gummies.

Made with black elderberry extracts, it may aid in building a healthy immune system for children, especially during the flu season. It comes in the form of palatable tasting and easy-to-consume bite-sized gummies, with no animal gelatin, is vegan, and is halal-certified. The berry flavour and colour are 100% natural, with no artificial preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

Zoo-Vite Germ Buster Elderberry Gummies are paediatric doses of pharmaceutical-grade supplements containing black elderberry extracts, Vitamin C and Zinc Citrate. Elderberry is a well-researched anti-viral herb and immune system booster which has active flavonoids that may prevent influenza viruses from binding to our cells and replicating, and at the same time potentially stimulating our defence system to act against the viruses.  Vitamin C is a stalwart antioxidant for general immunity, while zinc helps in assisting healthy growth, maintenance of the human body, and reducing the instance of cellular damage.

To ensure high quality and safety, HST Medical’s Zoo-Vite products are manufactured in GMP or ISO certified facilities with high quality ingredients, and tested in third party accredited labs to ensure best quality. Zoo-Vite Germ Buster Elderberry Gummies are packed with a child-proof lid and sealed for safety against moisture and oxidation.

Suitable for children ages two and above, Zoo-Vite Germ Buster Elderberry Gummies are available at Essentials Pharmacy, Guardian, Watsons, and Nishino, as well as online at, at a SRP of S$29.90 including GST.

Zoo-Vite Germ Buster Elderberry Gummies complements the range of Zoo-Vite kids’ vitamins which includes:

  • Zoo-Vite Flu Resist (sachets)
  • Zoo-Vite Immune (jelly sticks)
  • Zoo-Vite DHA (jelly sticks)
  • Zoo-Vite Calcium (jelly sticks)
  • Zoo-Vite Vitamin C (jelly sticks)
  • Zoo-Vite Multivitamins (gummies)

About HST Medical

HST Medical brings together passionate professionals from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western pharmacological backgrounds, to formulate integrative supplements for health and well-being. Produced under stringent manufacturing guidelines, third party tested to ensure accuracy in dosages, and using top grade ingredients for high efficacy, HST Medical products are trusted by customers since 1994, and sold in leading pharmacies, supermarket and medical halls in Singapore, and online for customers globally. HST Medical also run the Essentials Pharmacy and the Heritage® TCM Clinic. Essentials Pharmacy (益生药房) is a service-oriented pharmacy trusted by customers for dedication and reliability in fulfilling prescriptions for chronic and other illnesses, providing complementary healthcare and supplement needs for the entire family. Heritage TCM Clinic is a well established TCM clinic (博诚中医诊所) which provides individualised TCM diagnosis, herbal medication, acupuncture and cupping treatments, as well as general health and wellness management.