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Microwire.news (aka microwire.info) is a content outreach and amplification platform centered on Asia Pacific, with news, events, brief product and service reviews, commentaries, and analyses in the relevant industries. Industries covered include cybersecurity, AI, robotics and industrial automation, industrial safety and security, high fidelity (hifi) audio, multimedia, AR/VR, smart devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, etc), audio-video equipment (photography, videography, livestreaming, healthcare, etc). The service started in early 2011 by McGallen & Bolden Group, originally as a complimentary service for retained clients (12-month retainers and more).

Currently, we have been slowly evolving the content to wider audiences and businesses, and you will notice the subtle progressive change in editorial style. We are also bringing on more multi-media and social media content, and you will see audio and video content on YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple, TuneIn, and more. You can also find some news briefs syndicated from our senior researchers at McGallen & Bolden Group.

We are also experimenting with fictional stories, that are generated by AI, purely for research and entertainment. You can find them under “Tales”.

Consumers: This is NOT an online retail site. This is a Content Distribution site meant for editors, journalists, broadcast journalists, producers, industry practitioners, etc.

We may not publish any news that contravene our policies. For medical or health related content, as well as our publication policies, visit our legal page.

Meaning of microwire[.news/.info]

microwire.info: [acronym] Medios Internet Communications, Releases & Occasions Wire Service©™

A more subtle reason why we labeled this site “micro”, was because we believe this will be a humble small effort, and will usually be limited to clients’ communication, rather than a large public and universal wire service. This will allow us to keep the site sustainable and manageable. At the same time, we can offer this as a unique value-added service to our clients, allowing their news to have an additional media voice to reach out to more audiences, prospects and customers.

Retained and project clients will enjoy this service without additional costs. For others, we will try as much as possible to feature when possible or when they are in line with our content preferences. For others, we do allow “advertorials”, as long as their products and services fall under generally acceptable categories that mainstream media would allow. Do note that multiple URL links are usually ignored, so it is best you decide the single most important URL to include in your news. There is no guarantee to publish any piece, nor embed any URL link.



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