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Welcome to microwire.info!

This micro-site was started in early 2011. We use this micro-site to present news releases, event updates, FYI, media invitations, press materials, and RSS newsfeeds of our retained and project clients, for our colleagues, as well as increasingly present commentaries and analyses in the relevant industries, whether by featured experts or guests.

Consumers: This is NOT an online retail site. This is a News Release Distribution site meant for editors, journalists, broadcast journalists, producers, industry practitioners, etc.

Meaning of microwire.info

microwire.info: [acronym] Medios Internet Communications, Releases & Occasions Wire Service©™

A more subtle reason why we labeled this site “micro”, was because we believe this will be a humble small effort, and will only be limited to clients’ communication materials, rather than a public and universal wire service. This will allow us to keep the site small and manageable as an ongoing project. At the same time, we can offer this as a unique value-added service to our clients, allowing their news materials to have an additional Internet medium to reach out to more audiences, prospects and customers.

Why .info? This is because this won’t be a “paid for” service by itself, but rather, an additional value-added component for our retained and project clients. We will not offer this as an individual release service such as those offered in the USA or elsewhere. The reason? We prefer to offer extra value to our clients whom we will work strategically and tactically, rather than simply be a release site. If you genuinely believe in the power and seriousness of public relations (PR) and publicity, you will know that just releasing news blind out there will not get you very far. Therefore, we believe in the strategic value of our consulting, and what long-term positive impact we bring to our clients.

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