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Singapore, @mcgallen #microwireinfo, July 23, 2019 – anello®, the iconic and fashionable brand that has taken the chic and trendy Singapore by storm, is launching limited editions and exclusive series anello® bags at its official store (#B1-275) at Jewel Changi Airport.

Exclusive only to boutiques, the EXPAND Series is landing in Singapore this August 2019, and available only at anello® Jewel Changi, a boon for anello® fans living in, or visiting Singapore.

The anello® EXPAND Series of backpacks truly shines for almost anyone, whether for college, for travel, or for business, and you can do it in style. Each of the backpacks, and add-on accessories, are made with long-lasting level 4 water repellent nylon fabric and water stopping zipper for further protection from fluids.

The backpack comes with a side handle for easy handling and a belt on the back for fixing the backpack easily onto a suitcase on the outside. Inside the backpack, there are mutiple pockets for organizing belongings and a carabinera snap ring.

Add-on accessories include the add-on Multi Pouch, which can be attached to the backpack shoulder strap for carrying small items, and the firmly padded 15” Tablet and Laptop Sleeve which fits snugly into the backpack, with the same squared silouette for a stylish seamless look.

Osaka Flagship Store Limited Editions
Selected anello® collections are exclusively available only in the Osaka flagship store in Japan. The opening of the first brick and mortar boutique in Singapore is a significant milestone for anello® and in recognition of this, two of these exclusive collections, the Osaka Limited Edition and the anello® WPC collection, will be made available in anello® Jewel Changi.

The Osaka Limited Edition which comprises water repellent backpacks and shoulder bags in cool urban colours such as black, navy, beige and lavender will be available in anello® Jewel Changi from today.

In Q4, 2019, the anello® WPC collection will be coming to anello® Jewel Changi. anello® has collaborated with WPC, the well known umbrella brand in Japan, to create the perfect backpack for rainy days. Highly water repellent polyester comes in vivid and light colours of lime green, coral pink or baby blue on the outside, and colourful signature prints in the same tone as the main fabric for the inner lining.  A perfect complement to business attires, the larger size backpack in understated black or navy blue are available in this collection as well.

Spring-Summer 2019 Collection
Launching at the grand opening of anello® Jewel Changi, this latest Spring-Summer 2019 collection is characterized by a chic look made with tiny piercings on the smooth, matte eco leather. The “Punching hinge clasp” collection is an overseas limited edition, and comes in a spectrum of feminine colours and 2 sizes, regular and small.

Autumn-Winter 2019 Collection
The seasonal theme of the Autumn-Winter 2019 collection is an “Exotic Journey”. Travelling has become a new global trend as well as a personal lifestyle choice, with more people venturing to exotic places. anello® will be launching bags and accessories that can complement frequent travel and daily living. These will be available in anello® Jewel Changi in Q4 2019, more details to be announced soon.

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About anello®
anello®, which means “ring” in Italian, has the metaphorical meaning of “annual growth rings of a tree” as articulated by the brand owner Carrot Company®. The iconic bag has a philosophy for you to “walk freely with bread and wine” (COM PÃO E VINHO, ANDA-SE CAMINHO in Portuguese), which means the bags are so easy to carry and use you will never leave your home without it. The Anello® bags are characterized by a unique Kuchigane (口金), which can be translated as “base” or “cap”. The Anello® Kuchigane is a design that has a wide opening with a hidden wire under the top zipper, allowing you to easily check your items within it, or remove them from the bag.

About Carrot Company®
Carrot Company was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 2005. The company is so named after the Japanese word for carrot (人参, pronounced “ninjin” or “にんじん”), which can also be seen as the “the participation of many people”. It is the brand and trademark owner of Anello®® bags and accessories worldwide. Visit