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Just the other day, I unboxed the Firewalla small business firewall and showed to my colleague, who is a geek herself. I told her this is a firewall for SMBs and she laughed and said, “come on, you got conned right? That is a toy, and can’t be a firewall.”

Firewalla firewall appliance - box shot
Firewalla firewall appliance – box shot

The Firewalla device is a firewall with ad blocking (adblock), DDNS, VPN, IPv6, social hour settings, porn blocking, family-safe mode and more.

Firewalla firewall appliance
Firewalla firewall appliance

The interface is via an iOS or Android app, and setup took me about ONE (1) minute or less – no kidding.

The reality is when commercial Internet first become commercially available, my Australian colleague and I in Melbourne were developing stuff like this, firewalls and email security server appliances (still hold a trademark on one). Then, the smallest we devrloped were using off-the-shelf low power embedded PCs running BSD Unix, and about the size of a paperback novel (small by standards of those days). Now, solid state storage (SSD) and low power CPUs are tiny, enough to easily fit in a matchbox or lighter sized device.

Technology has empowered us to the point where the smallest devices may already harbor some of the most powerful capabilities. Look around us, a 40-megapixel F0.95 camera in our pocket (Huawei Mate 20 Pro), a supercomputer in our palm (any of the modern smartphones such as the Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, or Huawei Mate or Pro series), and now, even security appliances the size of matchboxes.

Here are some configuration screens to show how simple the Firewalla is: