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Editor’s brief: Gone are the days where audiophile equipment come in drab black and brown only. The audio brand associated with mandopop star Jay Chou, 1More, has launched arguably the cutest range of wireless headphones, the ColourBuds. Read more below.

SINGAPOREThe ColorBuds True Wireless Headphones have been released in Singapore by 1More, a global leader in quality consumer audio. The new earphones are an extension of 1More’s commitment to provide great-looking, affordably luxurious audio solutions. The new ColorBuds are the most tiny and lightweight headphones the firm has ever produced, and they include a full-range balanced armature for exceptional sound.

Show your true colours

If you’re looking for true wireless earbuds that don’t sacrifice music quality, have simple controls, are lightweight and portable, and come in a variety of fun colors, go no further than the 1More ColorBuds. The new 1More color earbuds come in four eye-catching colors (Midnight Black, Twilight Gold, Sakura Pink, and Spearmint Green) with a sleek metallic finish that will make you stand out from the crowd.

These earbuds aren’t only attractive and adorable; they’re also functional. The ColorBuds headphones, like other 1More offerings, have been fine-tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi and have the support of Mandopop superstar Jay Chou. You may depend on its performance; it provides a soundstage that’s as true to the source material as possible.

The 1More Colorbuds True Wireless Headphones are small and lightweight, weighing only 4.1 grams each earpiece. Despite its diminutive stature, it is loaded with impressive features:

  • Full-range balanced armature: Experience Hi-Fi sound with a unique full-range balanced armature that provides less distortion across the entire sound curve, offering crisp highs and punchy bass. Hear what it is like to listen to your favourite songs for the first time again.
  • Environmental Noise Cancellation: The earbuds also come equipped with Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology to suppress ambient noise so your voice in every phone conversation remains crystal clear, regardless of your surroundings.
  • Fast and stable connection: 1More ColorBuds are integrated with a Qualcomm chipset and a LDS antenna. Coupled with the latest Bluetooth v.5 technology and compatible with aptX and AAC Bluetooth codecs, the earbuds empower music lovers to enjoy fast and stable connection to your music playlist, even in high density environments.
  • IPX5 water and sweat resistance: Built to handle even the toughest situations you throw at them, you can have a peace of mind bring these earbuds out for a run in the rain, or your next outdoor adventure. These durable earbuds are certified IPX 5 water and sweat resistant, providing you with all-rounded protection, no matter the conditions.
  • Seamless pairing and play: 1More ColorBuds are intuitive and ensures a seamless user experience. After the first initial pairing, the earbuds will automatically pair to your device as soon as you open the case lid. Thanks to its built-in infrared sensors, the earbuds will also automatically pause or play your music when taken in and out of your ears, so you can pick up right where you left off with ease.
  • 22 hours battery life and fast charge: Outlast your music playlist with the extensive battery on the tiny buds! Each earbud supports up to 6 hours of usage, and the included portable charging case provides a total of 22 hours of non-stop music. In addition, the 1More Colorbuds feature a fast charge function, where you will get an additional 2 hours of use with a 15 minutes charge.

Pricing and Availability

1More ColorBuds Wireless Headphones will be available in Singapore from 6th August 2020. The new ColorBuds will retail at S$159 (including GST) and is available at the following authorised retailers: AV One (, Casefactorie, Challenger, Connect-IT, E1 Personal Audio, Elush Retail, Headphones.SG, Jaben, MobileBash, MobyShop, Popular, Shopbotic, Sprint-Cass, Stereo Electronics and