Editorial feature changes at our site

@McGallenFL350 podcast episode

There has been a lot of engineering under the hood at microwire.news. You may notice news feature categories, as well as more content to educate and amuse.

Under our content of the broad “News” category, you can now find the following:

  • Lifestyle – all manners of consumer (B2C) news and features
  • Tech – all B2B and tech features
  • Interviews – personality interviews
  • Reviews – editorial reviews of gadgets and devices
  • McGallenFL350 – syndicated news briefs from McGallen & Bolden analysts
  • Vendor+View – brief looks at selected businesses

There is also a category “Announcements“, which is related to the site itself, such as this piece.

There are also more video content shared here (from our YouTube channels), as well as podcasts for all major podcast platforms such as Apple, Spotify, Soundcloud, and more.

On the side, we are experimenting with AI, with our own AI chatbot Gabriel to answer your questions on news found within this site.

Stay tuned for more evolution as we grow.