Fossil Gen 6 hybrid (featured)
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There are many smartwatches today, from many name brands from different operating system camps. However, many of these smartwatches drain power quickly and require frequent charging. Fossil is a unique vendor with a hybrid smartwatch that draws very little power and can last for weeks – the Gen 6 Hybrid. Read more below.

SINGAPORE – Now, the Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid is not like your full-featured Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch, with full digital watch faces. The Gen 6 Hybrid has an analog face and hands, with a center e-ink monochrome screen showing data. The watch is best for those who love analog and a chunky design, with just enough data to get by. And, the longevity per battery charge is great, without worrying if the watch will run dead within a day or so.

One more thing, the price. The Fossil Gen 6 Hybrid smartwatch, by virtue of its simple monochrome screen with little extravagance, goes for a lot less than the more well known smartwatches. So that would be a virtue as well.