HIMA expands its APAC footprint with Taiwan office

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Editor’s brief: HIMA is the world’s leading independent provider of safety-related automation solutions for railway, petrochemical and chemical, energy (hydrogen, oil & gas etc) to protect people, the environment and assets, announced its expanded Asia Pacific presence in Taiwan. Read more below.

TAIPEI, TAIWANHIMA, a leading provider of safety-related automation solutions for the Process and Railway industries, announced the opening of a new branch office in Taiwan. The opening of this office affirms HIMA’s commitment to customers and partners in Taiwan and strengthens HIMA’s presence in Asia Pacific.

“The opening of this branch office will further strengthen our service capabilities to customers and partners in Taiwan and improve the efficiency of local business transactions, aligning with the group’s global priority towards customer orientation,” said Friedhelm Best, Vice President Asia Pacific, HIMA.

As a safety specialist, HIMA aims to contribute to Taiwan with their technology and expertise, providing solutions such as safety controllers and functional safety software that can be seamlessly connected to existing control systems in process and rail applications.

Process industry

With over 50,000 safety solutions installed in 80 countries worldwide, HIMA hopes to increase that number with additional installations in Taiwan. Chemical and petrochemical processing is one of the most important industrial sectors in the world, as well as one of the most competitive.

“To keep on top of the competition, many companies are pushing the limits of their plants which means exposing technology, the environment, and their employees to higher risk. HIMA solutions comprehensively safeguard plants and allow them to operate more productively and profitably, all with the peace of mind that all legal standards are adhered to,” said Best.

HIMA’s line of Emergency Shut Down Systems, with HIMatrix being a popular choice, is one solution used in various cases around the world. Installed in APA Group’s (Australia’s largest natural gas infrastructure business) gas storage facility, the controller ensures maximum safety, long-term availability, and future-proofing – because it meets all requirements for functional safety in the process industry (IEC 61511) and provides effective protection against the growing threat of cyber-attacks (IEC 62443), perfectly aligning with the HIMA’s #safetygoesdigital tagline.

Rail industry

For decades, railway companies, in particular, have had to rely on costly, proprietary solutions to meet legal safety requirements. However, with rising cost pressures and cybersecurity vulnerabilities in the digital age, solutions must be cost effective, quick to implement, and meet stringent safety and cybersecurity standards. For a cost-effective and long-term safety solution, more system integrators, rolling stock manufacturers, and railway operators are turning to standardized commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) systems.

“With recent railway incidents triggering awareness on safety within the industry, the priority of people’s safety along with protection of the environment has become crucial topics that the authorities want to address. It is our commitment to provide the technological know-how and the best service to customers in Taiwan. The opening of this branch office will ensure they will receive it,” said Ms. Tracy Lau, Taiwan branch manager, HIMA.

HIMA has nearly 1,000 railway safety installations in over 30 countries, with applications ranging from interlocking, level crossing, and rolling stock across high speed rail, mainline rail, metro, and light rail, all utilizing HIMA’s game-changing commercial-off-the-shelf COTS safety controllers. These open safety controllers allow any system integrator to integrate them into their own safety solutions, and end users to be independent of providers while meeting stringent rail safety standards. HIMA controllers are simple to install, have quick spare parts availability, and meet CENELEC’s strict SIL 4 standard.

Taiwan presence

Despite the establishment of their newest branch office, HIMA is not new to Taiwan, having previously replaced existing relay systems with HIMA SIL4 COTS among Taiwanese railway systems. As a result, the system’s reliability and availability were enhanced further, eliminating the constant train delay caused by the failure of the existing relay system. Other industries where HIMA’s expertise can improve functional safety in Taiwan include LNG, refinery, petrochemical process, and power plant.

“Our company’s priority in the rapidly developing Asia Pacific region is to offer tailor-made solutions and services that address the safety challenges specific to the market and cater to the unique requirements of our customers. Our local presence here in Taiwan will allow us to offer advanced safety knowledge and technical services, safeguarding individuals, enterprises, and the environment,” added Best.

HIMA Taiwan Office Opening Ceremony by (from L to R) Mr Friedhelm BEST, VP APAC and Ms Tracy LAU, Taiwan Branch Manager from HIMA and Mr Axel LIMBERG, Chief Representative and Executive Director from German Industry and Commerce Taiwan
HIMA Taiwan Office Opening Ceremony by (from L to R) Mr Friedhelm BEST, VP APAC and Ms Tracy LAU, Taiwan Branch Manager from HIMA and Mr Axel LIMBERG, Chief Representative and Executive Director from German Industry and Commerce Taiwan



臺北 – 希馬(HIMA),一所德國加工和鐵路行業自動化安全解決方案的主要供應商,於2023年三月二十九日在台灣設立分公司,鞏固了HIMA對台灣客戶和合作夥伴的承諾,也提升了希馬在亞太地區的分佈和影響力。

希馬亞太區副總裁貝斯特(Friedhelm Best)表示:”希馬在台灣設立分公司將進一步加強我們對台灣客戶和合作夥伴的服務能力,並提高本地業務交易的效率, 這也符合HIMA集團在全球的客戶服務方針。”





在全球多樣情況下,希馬的緊急關閉系統系列,包括HIMatrix,就是備受歡迎的解決方案。該控制器安裝在APA集團(澳大利亞最大的天然氣基礎設施企業)的儲氣設施中,確保最大的安全性、長期可用性,以及面向未來的需求——因為它們滿足過程工業 (IEC 61511) 和功能安全的所有要求, 提供有效保護,抵禦日益增長的網絡攻擊威脅 (IEC 62443),與希馬的 #safetygoesdigital 標語相得益彰。




希馬在三十多個國家已安裝近千個鐵路安全裝置,應用範圍從高速鐵路、幹線鐵路、地鐵,和輕軌的聯鎖、平交道口和機車車輛。巧妙地使用希馬研發的標準化商用現成系統(COTS)的安全控制器。 這些開放式安全控制器使任何系統集成商都能夠集成到他們自己的安全解決方案中,並允許最終客戶能夠獨立於供應商,同時履行鐵路行業嚴格的安全標準。希馬控制器可以輕鬆安裝,快速提供備件,並符合CENELEC嚴格的SIL4標準。


希馬對台灣來說並不陌生。之前在台灣的鐵路系統中已經用希馬SIL4 COTS替換了現有的中繼系統。 這升級提高了系統的可靠性和可用性,消除了前中繼系統故障而導致的列車持續延誤。在其他領域,希馬也希望能逐步參與台灣境內的液化天然氣、煉油廠、石化過程,和發電廠行業功能安全的提升。