Kuro Maguro (collection of dishes)

MicroBriefly: Maguro as the mainstay

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To many contemporary non-Japanese, their common choice of fish, cooked or raw, tend to be salmon. Interestingly, eating salmon for the Japanese is a more recent phenomenon, as salmon was not favored. One of the most commonly eaten fish in Japan is actually the tuna (Maguro, 鮪), or more specifically, blue-fin tuna (Hon Maguro).

This was an amazingly hearty meal of mainly Maguro. This is NOT an advertisement, we paid for this ourselves. You can find out more at Kuro Maguro.

Monkfish liver

An interesting dense tasting portion of monkfish liver. If you like Pâté, you will like this.

Kuro Maguro (monkfish liver)
Kuro Maguro (monkfish liver)

Maguro karaage

A common rendering of deep fried maguro (karaage), specially the red meat parts of tuna (the sides). Yes, tuna has cuts just like beef! You can see the “redness” of this cut.

Jaw steak

A nice muscular jaw steak, done with minimal flavoring, deliciously dipped with quality soy sauce.

Kuro Maguro (maguro jaw steak)
Kuro Maguro (maguro jaw steak)

Maguro tonkatsu

A mid fatty tuna cut done tonkatsu style (fried). Not my favorite, but decent. Of all these, I loved the karaage style, followed by the jaw steak.

Kuro Maguro (maguro tonkatsu)
Kuro Maguro (maguro tonkatsu)

Try maguro the next time, instead of salmon. It may change your view of fish and seafood forever.