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This begins our series of Neighborhood Hunts, where we hunt for interesting places to visit or patronize. In this article, we explore briefly, Shaw Centre, at 1 Scotts Road Singapore 228208.

Baasement – Food Republic

At the basement, while there are fancy restaurants in the mall, locals here also crowd the food court Food Republic, which is like an airconditioned “hawker center”, where cheap(er) fare prevail and you can taste all manners of local foodfare, from Chinese, Indian, Malay, to other more exotic mixes. It is always a delight to sample various dishes at prices we can afford, and then find a spot to call our own and munch away.

Level 1 – Kissajin

If you are a writer or a poet like me, you may know of 喫茶店 (kissaten), a Japanese tea shop that started in the 20th century, where the quiet space provides writers and thinkers to ponder on life and the world. Well, the Kissajin is one such modern interpretation of that, except you may find this a buzzling spot in this mall. You will find familiar Japanese favorites such as Karaage curry, Tamago omelette, seafood ramen, salmon don, and so on.

Level 3 – S Aesthetics Clinic

If you are into uplifting your looks through aesthetic medicine, you may chance upon this opulent aesthetic clinic on this floor. They feature a wide range of treatments from tattoo removal, fat freezing, face and eye skin tightening, various laser and chemical treatments, and even hair removal.

Level 3 – Xi Yan

I recall many years ago, as a Rotarian, I was with my Rotarian friends, attending a lunch at Xi Yan, it was then this restaurant made an incredible impression at their city outlet. Xi Yan has another outlet, at this mall, which serves a delectable menu of familiar favorites such as radish cake, shrimp paste fried chicken wings, dumplings in red chili oil, beancurd skin, peppery herbal chicken, Hakka niang tofu, salted yolk prawn, etc.

Level 4 – Pet Lovers Centre

As a former pets owner (yes, plural), I know how having pets as family members make a great difference to the atmosphere at home. These days, it seems impossible to have pets and work all over the place, but hey, there are still many blessed folks who have the time and space to care for and love pets at home. What better space than this shop to look for all the products you need to make your pet family members happy at home and out and about?