Enishi Dan Dan Men (featured)
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Editor’s brief: Not every Japanese restaurant needs serve traditional miso or shoyu ramen, or cold soba. There are other variants too, especially the spicy dry noodles that probably came from mainland China eons ago. Today, in Japan and elsewhere, we can them Dan Dan Men (擔擔面). Let us explore a Kobe (神戶) version of the Dan Dan Men.

This must be one of the best Dan Dan Men I have had for a long time. The dry noodles are springy and light in taste, and the ingredients you gotta mix it yourself, consisting of shredded jerky tasting chashu, minced meat, sweet and not obnoxious onion, fried onions, pickles, mizuna (muatard green), a rich ground sesame taste, and served with (ontama) onsen egg and delicious dashi soup. The ontama I stirred into my noodles. The clear dashi soup is rich and fragrant made from fish stock, very unlike common bonito flavored soup. Truly an award-winning dry noodles for a tired evening. Oh yes, I ordered the non-spicy version. You can go all the way to very spicy if that’s your thing.