Danish vendor Universal Robots adds UR30 cobot to range

UR30 at iREX 2023

Danish collaborative robot (cobot) maker Universal Robots adds a 30 kg payload cobot, UR30, to its product portfolio. Read more below.

SINGAPORE – Universal Robot’s second generation cobot, UR30, is based on the previous UR20. Despite its modest size, UR30 lifts loads up to 30 kg, and works at higher rates.

According to Universal Robots, the UR30 is suitable for machine tending, material handling, and high-torque screw driving. The 30 kg payload allows the cobot to use numerous grippers simultaneously for machine tending. It can remove finished pieces and load additional material in one run, reducing changeover times and increasing output.

The UR30 supports high torque screw driving with its ability to handle larger tools and precise screw driving with its steady mode function. The UR30 is suitable for automobile manufacturing operations.

Additionally, the 30 kg payload makes UR30 ideal for material handling and palletizing large products across various industries, and its tiny footprint allows it to fit into practically any workspace, freeing humans of heavy lifting. It weighs 63.5 kg and is suitable for work cell movement.

See the UR30 in action during the recent iREX 2023 event.