FiiO FDX (featured)

Up the ante for the FiiO FDX IEM, the superlative 14th Anniversary Collector’s Model

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Editor’s brief: Hot on the heels of the recent introduction of the FiiO FD7, FiiO launches the 14th Anniversary Collector’s Model, the FDX pure Beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver in-ear monitor (IEM) in Singapore. There will only be 1,000 FDX produced worldwide. Read more below.

SINGAPORE — The leader in lossless audio players, FiiO today announces the availability of its 14th Anniversary Collector’s Model – FiiO FDX Pure Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor (IEM) in Singapore. FDX is a limited edition model, with only 1,000 pairs manufactured worldwide. Every pair of FDX comes with its own unique serial number, 60 cupid-cut crystals inlaid in the IEM’s rear panel, 24K gold plating, enveloped in a luxurious wooden case.

Not just a pretty face, the FiiO FDX encompasses all the latest developments from FiiO thus far, including its latest flagship pure beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver. The new driver enables the FDX to produce swift transient response and remarkably rich sound. This is due to its rigidity and lightweight nature – Beryllium is 4 times more rigid than steel and weighs 1/4 as much as titanium – the result is a whole new level of audio bliss.

Magnificent in the details

Other signature FiiO capabilities incorporated in the FDX include the front acoustic prism system and a semi-open acoustic design. The front acoustic prism helps address the time delay between different sound waves, effectively altering the way sound travels and enhancing the high frequency waves in the FDX. In addition, the semi-open acoustic design on the FiiO FDX effectively relieves the pressure on the ears for a non-fatigue listening experience.

Last but not least, the FDX also features an expanded MMCX connector detachable cable designed to be easy to use, and comes with interchangeable audio plugs (2.5/3.5/4.4mm sizes) for the user’s ultimate convenience.

Exclusive high-purity braided cable in gold-silver-copper

FiiO FDX comes with a quality cable worthy of its special status. It uses high purity gold, copper, and silver braided into one cable – each of the 4 strands consist of 20 wires of each kind of metal weaved together, for a grand total of 240 wires in the cable. Medical-grade TPU is used for the sheath to resist yellowing after long-term use and against stiffening when in low-temperature environments.

Other key highlights include:

  • Golden royal brilliance, 24K gold plating: The shell of the FDX is plated with 24K gold. No matter where you go, you will surely be the centre of attention with the shimmering of the gold FDX in your ears.
  • 60 cupid-cut crystals inlay: The FDX rear panel is inlaid with a total of 60 cupid-cut crystals. Combined with the golden panel, the FDX exudes prestige worthy of a collector’s model
  • Every FDX is a unique piece: Each of the 1000 FDX comes with a unique serial number to commemorate the exclusive piece by FiiO. The serial numbers range from 0001 to 10XX skipping 4, 13, 14, 44, 444 and 1004. Finally, a “Born for Music” slogan is printed on each piece of the FDX.
  • Luxurious wooden case to complement the FDX: No expense is spared for the creation of FDX. FiiO ensures exceptional craftsmanship right down to the last detail, encasing the luxurious IEM in an elegant wooden box.
  • Extensive set of accessories: The FDX comes with 3 pairs of balanced ear tips, bass ear tips, vocal ear tips, SpinFit ear tips each in sizes S,M, and L. It also contains 2 pairs of foam ear tips and Triple-flange ear tips each. On top of that, you can expect to see 1 cleaning brush, 1 carrying case for the FDX, 1 MMCX assist tool, 1 magnetic cable organiser, a 4 strange 240-core high purity gold-silver-copper braided cable, 3 pairs of interchangeable sound tubs, and 1 set of 2.5mm/ 3.4mm/ 4.4mm interchangeable audio plugs
  • Hi-Res Audio Certified: FDX is Hi-Res Audio certified, a testament to its audio capabilities, achieving rich musical details in a manner worthy of a flagship.

Pricing and Availability

FiiO FDX retails for S$1,299.00 (including GST) and is available immediately at AV One (, Headphones.SG, Stereo Electronics and Treoo.