Synopsys Software Risk Manager Simplifies Enterprise-Scale AppSec Testing

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Editor’s brief: Synopsys, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNPS) launched Synopsys Software Risk Manager, a robust application security posture management (ASPM) solution, today. Software Risk Manager streamlines application security testing across projects, teams, and AST tools for security and development teams. Read more below.

The Synopsys Software Risk Manager integrates intelligent policy-driven orchestration and vulnerability management with Synopsys Software Integrity Group’s market-leading SAST and SCA engines and supports open-source and commercial AST tools. Synopsys’ ASPM technology improves organization-wide application security.

“Application security programs need to be effective and efficient at reducing software risk in order to deliver value,” said Jason Schmitt, general manager of Synopsys’ Software Integrity Group. “Many organisations embracing digital transformation are struggling with the complexity and operational costs of managing their software risk at scale. Synopsys Software Risk Manager provides teams with a holistic view of their application security posture while accelerating time to value and reducing the overall cost of their AppSec programs.”

By 2026, Gartner expects 40% of proprietary application developers to use ASPM to quickly discover and fix security risks. (source: Gartner, Inc., “Innovation Insight for Application Security Posture Management,” Dale Gardner, Dionisio Zumerle, Manjunath Bhat, May 4, 2023.)

Software Risk Manager, revamped and refined from Synopsys’ Code Dx and Intelligent Orchestration products, provides a comprehensive ASPM solution that allows teams to implement policy driven AppSec at scale, unify UX across different AppSec testing tools, consolidate reporting and management, simplify AppSec integration and orchestration, and optimize core AppSec testing.