Nakamichi Wireless Headphone NW501

Nakamichi Wireless Headphone NW501

Singapore, June 18, 2012 – Nakamichi launches a new 2.4GHz wireless headphone NW501 that produces clear bass, mids and highs in Singapore. The legendary Japanese brand that was known for producing the highest quality audio decks, has now transformed to a brand that develops home entertainment, telecommunications, as well as high fidelity audio systems.

NW501 is a digital wireless stereo headphone with a wide operation distance up to five meters using the 2.4GHz digital technology, giving listeners a whole new experience without having wires hanging around. It is lightweight, at approximately 173 grams. The sleek design comes in two bold and timeless color combinations – Black+Red, and White+Red.

The NW501 is rechargeable, with an auto shut-off function to conserve energy while not in use. The NW501 is compatible with Apple® iOS products (iPhone®, iPod® and iPad®). The wireless headset also comes with a wired adapter and a carrying pouch, suitable for those who prefer to listen to audio the more traditional manner.

Pricing and Availability?
NW501 is available at the authorized Nakamichi retailers and is priced at SRP S$169 (inclusive of GST).

About Nakamichi
Nakamichi was founded in 1948 as Nakamichi Research Corporation Ltd (Nakamichi Kenkyujo Kabushiki Kaisha) in Tokyo Japan. It specialised in manufacturing portable radios, tone arms, speakers, and communications equipment. Founded by Etsuro Nakamichi, it was later headed by his younger brother Niro. Etsuro’s son Ted is the only remaining Nakamichi in the company today. The company was originally established as a research and development firm in electronics and optics but later became known as a manufacturer of quality audio products. While their cassette decks were particularly well known, the company is also credited with numerous other audio innovations, such as self-centering record players, high-end DAT recorders, and ultra-compact slot-loading CD changers. Over the years, the company managed to garner an impressive level of brand loyalty.