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@McGallenFL350 – episode 20231016

In this episode, we talk about a Captcha alternative from Cloudflare that would not frustrate anybody, handling third-party crises, and a tiny lightweight umbrella from Fulton that is almost pocketable....

@McGallenFL350 podcast episode

@McGallenFL350 – episode 20230928

In this episode, we talk about Flint’s paper battery innovation, quiet hiring versus quiet quitting at the workplace, and that crisis management may become more prevalent for public relations and...

@McGallenFL350 podcast episode

@McGallenFL350 – episode 20230920

In this episode, we talk about Huawei NearLink as the potential successor to Bluetooth, Google’s updated SEO Playbook rules, and why radio is important for public relations and marketing practitioners....

@McGallenFL350 podcast episode

@McGallenFL350 – episode 20230913

In this episode, we talk about developing games, the water cooling demands of AI and big data, and how coffee waste can make concrete stronger. (aka is a...