DTAP launches self STD testing at DTAP Express Clinic in Singapore

Editor’s brief: DTAP Clinic Group, one of Singapore’s GP+ clinic groups with footprints in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam, has launched its latest clinic, DTAP Express Clinic. DTAP Express is a discreeet self-testing STD clinic, located in the buzzling food and entertainment district, Tanjong Pagar. Read more below.

SINGAPORE – Leading regional GP+ group DTAP Clinic announces the launch of its first DTAP Express clinic for COVID-19 Compliant STD Testing, in the heart of the central business district (CBD) area for easy access.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how people work, play, and socialize. With restrictions worldwide, people are beginning to experience more personal time. As such, they have now been able to set aside time for a safe, discreet and quick way to get tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), thereby protecting their partners and themselves. With COVID-19 demanding safe distancing and strict hygiene standards, challenges such as limited clinic appointments and physician availability can only compound the ongoing drive to flatten infection curves and community spread.

Bringing Field-proven Express STD Testing Services to Singapore

There are couples who have tried many years for children and remain unsuccessful despite various fertility reviews to determine possible problems. However, an STD test may sometimes reveal a treatable infection that may affect sperm count and quality in men and also damage the reproductive organs in women. Yet, many couples may find it awkward to approach their doctors for such consults.

The new DTAP Express clinic is built on similar and successful models of sexual health services across the United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (U.S.). With on-demand, express and discreet self-testing services, people obtain test results faster – improving from a week’s duration to mere days, thereby being able to seek treatments faster and resultantly reducing disease transmission to partners.

Convenient, efficient and privacy express service

With more than 15 years serving patients as the largest private provider of sexual health, men’s health and women’s health in Singapore, DTAP Clinic has been the forerunner in providing rapid STD testing, and timely treatments coupled with empathetic care and consultation for patients.

While most patients prefer a confidential and expert consult with a doctor, there is now an alternative for those who find it awkward with their initial consultation. Conveniently located at #01-70, Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877, patients who visit the DTAP Express clinic get themselves registered, answer a short questionnaire and obtain a self-testing kit. After collecting their samples at the clinic or in the comforts of their own home, they drop the samples off in the clinic’s collection bin. Patients then receive the test results via confidential text or email, and if required, they can also pick up treatment packs for themselves or their partners thereafter.

“Leveraging on our strengths as the largest private provider of sexual health services in Singapore, we bring together a seamless patient experience to address our patients’ private and most pertinent sexual health concerns with the availability of quick, fuss-free and confidential STD testing in the heart of town. This DTAP Express journey began with an initial study trip to London in 2019, after prior extensive research on similar successful models of sexual health in the UK and the U.S. We then adapted the best practices for our patient’s needs and launched our own DTAP Express clinic in Singapore. We hope that more people and their partners will have a peace of mind and gain clarity on their sexual health, and not be hampered by the ongoing pandemic.” says Dr Julian Hong, Resident Doctor, DTAP Clinic Group.

For more information, visit https://dtapexpress.clinic.

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