Bring some Focus into your room with Dynaudio

Dynaudio Focus (featured)

Editor’s brief: Simple can be beautiful. The Danish Dynaudio Focus range of wireless capable streaming speakers speak of minimalist design with studio quality audio fit for rooms and music studios alike. Whatever streamable content you like amplified onto great speakers, the Focus range nails it. Read more below.

SINGAPORE – The Danish loudspeaker company Dynaudio has introduced a new line of speakers called the Focus series. These are active wireless stereo speakers. Each and every model in the range is equipped with state-of-the-art streaming capabilities and tried and true Dynaudio driver technology. With professional-quality sound and a plethora of useful features, the Focus series stands out among other systems of its kind.

The new Focus has a more up-to-date exterior and interior than the Focus XD it replaces. The Focus series is a great option for those who want a system that can be used right away without the need for any setup or additional components.

The Focus 10 is a two-way stand-mount speaker, the Focus 30 is a two-and-a-half-way floor-stander, and the Focus 50 is a three-way tower speaker (a three-way floor-stander).

Class-leading versatility

Focus is easy to integrate into any system, whether you’re starting from scratch after upgrading from a smaller system or expanding upon an already existing setup.

It has a high-end streaming platform built in to handle everything digital, but it also has digital inputs (coaxial and optical) and analog connections (for devices like CD players and turntables) so that they can coexist. In addition to features such as a subwoofer output with trigger, Ethernet, and support for Dirac Live, it is also suitable for use by expert calibrators.

Furthermore, WiSA connectivity makes cordless cable-free TV viewing a breeze.

Amazing user friendliness

Focus is compatible with a wide variety of streaming services and devices, including Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Qplay, UPnP, Netradio, and Spotify and TIDAL Connect. It’s also Roon-compatible. It can be streamed, and Focus will play it.

Inputs can be switched automatically based on the source being used, it can turn on when an input is connected, and it can even detect when the magnetic Smart Grilles that are included in the package are being used.

It comes with a Bluetooth remote control in case users don’t want to use their phones to operate it after installing the free Dynaudio setup app.

Studio-grade performance

The amplifiers and drivers in the Focus are identical to those found in Dynaudio’s industry-standard studio reference monitors, the DSRMs.

There is the sealed-box design, which, with the help of some high-tech digital signal processing, provides an even more compact, deep, and controlled bass performance. There will be no unpleasant auditory surprises during or after setup because users can adjust the volume of each speaker separately from within the app.

Each member of the Focus family was tuned by the same set of ears responsible for Dynaudio’s most acclaimed speakers and measured in the company’s state-of-the-art facility, Jupiter.

Clean Scandinavian design

Focus is a prime example of why Danish design is synonymous with attractive. For those who don’t want to rearrange their furniture to accommodate their speakers or be distracted by something too outlandish, the sleek cabinets come in a variety of beautiful modern finishes that are designed to blend in with real-world interior decor.

The Dynaudio name itself has been streamlined so that it can now serve as an integrated LED to show you exactly what the speaker is doing at any given moment.

Outstanding craftsmanship

The build quality of the Focus is absolutely stunning, as it should be for a Dynaudio speaker. You can tell you have a high-quality product thanks to the MDF cabinets’ sturdiness, the amp’s design for longevity, and the aluminum driver surrounds.

Pricing and availability 

  • Focus 10 (S$7,999) – Available in Walnut Wood and White High Gloss, Focus 10 is more than just a two-way stand-mount loudspeaker. It is a complete music system, packed from top to bottom with the technology that has taken Dynaudio to legendary status.
  • Focus 30 (S$11,999)  – With a stunning White High Gloss finish, Focus 30 gives you access to everything that has ever been recorded and put online. These compact floorstanding speakers are loaded with futureproof streaming technology and connectivity to bring a new world of audiophile-quality music directly to your living room.
  • Focus 50 (S$15,999) – It is the pinnacle of wireless hi-fi, an active wireless stereo speaker system brimming with connectivity. It features the convenience of a consumer speaker system with all the heavyweight credentials of Dynaudio’s most prestigious hi-fi speakers. Focus 50 is available in two finishes: Walnut Wood and White High Gloss.

The entire Focus range is now available at AV One showrooms at The Adelphi (1 Coleman Street, #01-01/10/21/22, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803), and selected range at Millenia Walk (9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-35, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596).