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Leading industrial automation company W-Eng partners with HIMA to provide industrial safety solutions

Editor’s brief: Leading South Korea-based industrial automation company, W-Eng Co. Ltd., has signed up as a systems integration (SI) partner of leading smart industrial safety company HIMA. Under the partnership, W-Eng will use industry-leading HIMA solutions such as HIMA HIMax, HIMA HIMatrix, HIMA Planar 4 and HIMA HIQuad X. Read more below. (aka […]

Healthcare, martech, fintech and retail adopt open source software (OSS) on a large-scale – what are the risks? FInd out from the 2021 OSSRA Report

Editor’s brief: Open Source Software (OSS) is not just about such software being free to adopt, but also the massive body of good work done by volunteer coders and auditors in the world, making good software and code components for anyone to adopt. According to the latest OSSRA (Open Source Security and Risk Analysis) 2021 […]

Would COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) solutions be the most sustainable and safe way to build rail networks in Asia Pacific?

Editor’s brief: In the world of land transportation, rail (including the likes of light rail, mass rapid transit or MRT, and speed rail, including maglev) has become the key enabler to many Asia Pacific economies. Rail can be underground and structured above-ground, so can use the least intrusive real estate to move masses around metropolitan […]

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