Bring an empty stomach to Hamburg Steak Keisuke


If you love your vegetables, and a juicy hamburg, there is a bustling crowded little eatery in town. The buffet spread is stunning, and the mains are great choices too.

I have been a strict vegan before, and so I know the virtues of vegetables. But most Western buffets are rather similar, with corn, cheeses, some leafy greens, carrots, and some token pasta to stuff you with some rather tasteless vegetables that only the stoic vegans will love. You need to douse all the cut vegetables with plenty of sauces they provide, to hammer down these foods down your gut.

And if you are talking about minced beef hamburgers, then again the taste is rather bland and uniform as well. Many beef burger joints use rather similar minced beef (some with minced pork mixtures to soften the mix) and have uniformly bland taste. So you end up with trying to flood the tasteless patties with rich or spicy sauces just to get the meal done.

But who wants to get filled just for the sake of it, right?

Hamburg Steak Keisuke, a contemporary Japanese eatery, realized this.

Their hamburg is juicy, tender, and tasty enough to eat it happily, heartily grilled to your typical Izakaya fashion. Your main is topped with a nice Ebi fry (fried prawn with crispy batter), and everything is sitting pretty on beansprouts, tofu and dried beancurd.

The salad spread has warm cooked vegetables, including the likes of mushroom tofu, ladies’ fingers, beansprouts, omelette, lightly pickled cabbage, and much, much more. End with some cut fresh fruits, and their rather unique unsweetened black coffee jelly – all the caffeine without the trouble. Let me not be your spoiler. You ought to try it yourself and go wild round after round of savoring the salad buffet. Leave the rice alone. You won’t have the stomach left after you are done with your hamburg main and the incredible buffet.

You will hold your tummy and smile as you make your way to the cashier.

PS – Bring cash or use NETS. They don’t accept credit card. Treat it as a fast food joint.