SmartRx Automatic Pharmacy Machine (APM)
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The iconic Jalan Besar Stadium has been home to enthusiast sports since it opened on December 26, 1929. Since then, it has served sportspeople and sports fans continuously, except during a few times when it went through refurbishment. In recent years, the management of the stadium continued to improve its facilities. And now, there is an Automatic Pharmacy Machine (APM) in the stadium, jointly developed and deployed by SmartRx Pte Ltd and Ninkatec Pte Ltd. Read more below.

SINGAPORESmartRx Pte Ltd, a pioneer in Automatic Pharmacy Machines (APMs) in Singapore, has teamed with Ninkatec Pte Ltd to integrate easy healthtech at the Jalan Besar Stadium in Singapore. Ninkatec is the parent company of Charazoi Medical Clinic.

After implementing new sports technologies like the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) earlier this year, the iconic stadium will now have the Charazoi Telemedicine Kiosk, which provides convenient self-service healthcare to stadium and community users.

“Jalan Besar is situated in a community comprising of a mix of people who can benefit from convenient quality healthcare,” explained Tong Ping Heng, Managing Director, SmartRx Pte Ltd. “Whether it is simply buying Over-the-Counter (OTC) medicine, obtaining pharmacy medicine, or the need to consult a doctor, members of the community can be served at this conveniently located kiosk.”

The Charazoi Telemedicine Kiosk is located in a residential area with a vibrant food and beverage scene, hotels, and workplaces. The modular Kiosk, which includes an APM and a Telemedicine Pod (TP), will provide round-the-clock access to OTC medicine and Charazoi Medical Clinic doctors via teleconsultation. Teleconsultations through the kiosk costs S$27, compared to S$40 for clinic visits. The kiosk sells OTC, Pharmacy Only, and Prescription Only medications for a variety of ailments.

The kiosk is conveniently located at the Stadium, and typical residents around the stadium may take between 4 to 8 minutes to reach the kiosk. An injured football player can easily get antiseptics, bandages, and painkillers at the stadium. In some areas, residents can walk 5 minutes for their regular health screening and prescription refills, beating the congestion without visiting the clinic.

New users must register or authenticate into the APM’s system using their identity card (IC) Number and PIN to consult a doctor. The Telemedicine Pod would unlock after a cashless S$27 payment at the APM, where the user would enter their IC Number and PIN via the Pod’s touchscreen to begin the teleconsultation. Teleconsultations are accessible daily from 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm, following Charazoi Medical Clinic’s operating hours, which is also just 5 minutes from the kiosk.

Users can consult a doctor via the Pod’s touchscreen, microphone, and speakers. The Pod also has temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, height, and weight sensors. After the consultation, the user will leave the Pod and enter into the APM to pay for doctor-prescribed medication. The system will automatically dispense medicine with user-specific labeling, just like a clinic. The kiosk sells OTC, Pharmacy, and Prescription medications.

“With the vast selection of medication dispensed at the Kiosk, we are confident that the community can take the initiative for their healthcare needs with even more convenience,” said Dr Choo Dee Pheng, Charazoi Medical Clinic. “Not only will teleconsultation through the kiosk reduce waiting time at the physical clinic, timely assistance can be administered onsite if required due to the kiosk’s close proximity to our physical clinic.”

This kiosk is SmartRx’s first of four planned installations with Sport Singapore (SportSG) aimed to be rolled out over the next six months. SportSG is part of Singapore Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY).

“Sporting facilities are located within the heartlands and are readily accessible for all in the community,” said Mr Tong. “The Charazoi Telemedicine Kiosk will enhance the surrounding community’s engagement and experience at the sports centre, aiding their efforts in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.”