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Upscaling old video with AI?

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If you, like me, has a ton of old SD videos from yesteryears, you would lament of their poor quality and sizes. Although there are ways to upscale such SD video to HD, they often become exceedingly “soft”. What if there is a simple way to use an AI tool to upscale such old video and at least get some semblance of clarity out of them?

And there might just be such a tool, from TensorPix.

Such, with such old SD video, the caveat is to know that you will never be able to truly recover details when they don’t exist in the original footage. But through smarter software, we might just get at least some visible sense from these video, rather than lament hopelessly at such poor video.

First, we ran through an old video from 2004, when we interviewed the legendary Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. This is a short segment of the video in SD, and what TensorPix did with some “magic” of Face enhancement and 400% AI upscaling.

Here’s another even worse SD video, also from 2004, when our editor spoke on stage at an educational institute to a room full of teenagers, on the knowledge economy and entrepreneurship. The SD video segment was put through the same paces just as the Steve Wozniak (aka “Woz”).

Magic it is not. TensorPix is no panacea for really bad video. But it can save our skin with slightly more usable video. If you have 720p video of more recent vintage, then TensorPix would be more likely to be actually useful every day.