Dynaudio Heritage Special (featured)
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Editor’s brief: If you love all things Danish or Nordic, and crave for good audio and design, you can’t go wrong with Dynaudio, the Danish audio legend in Skanderborg. Dynaudio offers the Limited Edition Heritage Special passive stand-mount speakers – just 2,500 pairs in the world. Read more below (Singapore only).

SINGAPORE – The Danish loudspeaker company Dynaudio has unveiled its new, limited-edition Heritage Special passive stand-mount speakers, each of which is crafted by hand in the company’s Copenhagen headquarters. The new speakers have been in the works at Dynaudio Labs for some time, but they were originally a “under the radar” project.

Dynaudio’s legendary Crafft, Contour 1, Special Twenty-Five, and others are honored in Heritage Special. The exterior is lovingly relic-like, while the interior is boldly contemporary.

Handcrafted cabinets 

The 19mm thick MDF cabinet is veneered with eco-friendly American Walnut, and only 2,500 pairs will ever be made available worldwide. It is lined with heavy bitumen to dampen any stray sounds and is internally braced for maximum stiffness. Each veneer is matched to its neighbor and each speaker’s veneer is matched to its neighbor for uniformity. This includes the thin list strips that surround the front baffle. We give the cabinet three careful rounds of sanding and lacquering. The entire process of making one takes slightly more than three days.

Premium tweeter technology 

The Esotar T330D tweeter plate has been used, which is widely regarded as the best in its class. But hidden in its midst is a state-of-the-art Esotar 3 tweeter system, just like that of the premium Confidence series. It has a larger rear chamber, a powerful aerodynamic neodymium magnet system, the resonance-defeating Hexis inner dome, and Dynaudio’s signature precision-coated soft-dome diaphragm, making it the finest and most sophisticated tweeter the company has ever made.

Top-level woofer design 

The bass driver used in the Heritage Special is a boosted version of the one used in the now-defunct Evidence Platinum series. You may also observe, as was the case in the past, that it extends beyond the boundaries of the baffle and the groove that has come to identify it. The exponential diaphragm construction of the Evidence version is also used in the 18W75 XL Heritage Special MSP Woofer, but this time the technology has been upgraded to the next level:

  • The improved voice-coil uses a classic internal-magnet aluminium design, now on a glass-fibre former
  • A new magnet system uses both neodymium and ferrite magnets to fine-tune flux around the voice-coil’s windings, which reduces second-harmonics and improves clarity
  • The new asymmetrical Nomex spider, as seen on Confidence and Contour i, gives even greater control over the long-throw diaphragm’s excursion.

Custom crossover 

The crossover, or “brains” of the speaker, has been designed in-house from the ground up. It employs the tried-and-true Dynaudio first-order topology, with components from renowned German manufacturer Mundorf (including the company’s Evo Oil capacitors) and bespoke parts chosen by Dynaudio Labs. To ensure a seamless transition between each driver, the crossover employs local impedance correction and time-alignment technology.

The CS12 12 AWG wiring by Van den Hul and the damping material by Swedish company are both included inside. Dynaudio chose WBT’s premium 710 Cu mC NextGen terminals for the speakers’ connections.

Made for individuals 

Heritage Special speakers come in pairs, and the back plate of each pair is etched with a unique pair number. Those who are fortunate enough to acquire a pair can brag that they have a historic piece of Dynaudio equipment in their home.

“It’s been a labour of love for our R&D, production and marketing teams,” says Otto Jørgensen, Dynaudio’s Director of Product Management. “Our initial listening session with the first playing pair of Heritage Specials was meant to last 20 minutes. It ended more than two hours later. I think that says everything you need to know about these speakers. We absolutely love them.”

Availability and Pricing

The limited edition Dynaudio Heritage Special retails S$12,888 per pair, and is available exclusively at AV One (1 Coleman Street, #01-01/10/21/22, The Adelphi, Singapore 179803). The speakers come with 3-years warranty parts and labour.