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MicroBriefly: Roast Chicken Rice

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Chicken rice is one of the staple foods in many parts of South East Asia. While there had been “awards” given to some such purveyors of the classic chicken rice, I can tell you from my own experience, many of those are way overrated, and not even worthy for showing as an IG post. Why?

Many of those overrated versions are mere simple slices of white cooked chicken with not much flavor, two slices of cucumber (I never eat them as I do not know how long they are left to the elements), and a pile of rice, served with cheap black sauce, chili sauce and pulped ginger, all too often to hide bland food. Not worth the money most of the time.

Conversely, this chicken rice is radically different and fantastic. The chicken is roasted with crispy skin and the chicken has a slightly dry but pleasant fresh flavor. The rice has flavor of chicken but NOT oily like many out there. But the two winning items are the tasty braised egg, and the bountiful serving of Acha, or pickled vegetables, pickled NOT with vinegar but with citrus fruit. The Acha is crispy and tasty with a pleasant citrusy and spicy taste. There is no need for “masking sauces” either. This chicken rice can be eaten without sauces. Sedap!

Roast chicken rice with achar and braised egg