"Tough Times, Great PR" book by Seamus Phan
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Editor’s brief: Author Seamus Phan penned his latest branding and public relations book, “Tough Times, Great PR“, having gathered field cases, strategies, tactics, and outcomes, into an anthology collection of short essays easily read by C-suite and business leaders on a quest to build brands and nurture publicity. Read more below.

Tough times call for tough measures, and these lessons can be good foundations to supplement any existing business large and emerging, and for new startups to learn from.

Public relations (PR) builds brands, nurtures sales and opportunities, and protects the reputation of businesses. PR is a sustained effort nurtured by the C-suite, internal communications and external specialist partners.

Following the trail of two earlier Dot Zen books, this book continues a journey through the years of a global pandemic, trade wars and conflicts, with a three decades old PR and strategy consulting firm staying afloat and helping clients grow together through the crises with good publicity, brand building, and reputation management for the twenty-first century.

What were the lessons learned during these crises? How can business leaders benefit from them to nurture and build brands for the long haul? This book serves as an anthology of easy-to-read pieces to stir the imagination with ideas for the C-suite executives and business leaders, peppered with calligraphy and little “Dot Zen Moment” thoughts throughout the book.

The book can be purchased on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.

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