guitar in the dark
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Editor’s brief: Yes, we are all familiar with the acoustic guitar we played as college kids (or younger). We would easily spot a guitar against a dorm wall, or rested in a church stage. The guitar is one of the most used music instruments, whether acoustic in a classical setting, or all the way to rock music on stage. And yet, if we want to go beyond strumming, there is a long way ahead to playing a guitar well. And, what if we want to have more sophisticated music, and then record it? All these usually demand much more than just a guitar. But there is a new revolutionary option now, the LAVA ME 3.

As an occasional music enthusiast who learned the violin and saxophone, I have always loved music from the inside track, and from the audience (or these days, the stream). Still, most of us who dabbled in music seriously enough, would love to create, and not just play covers. But, creating music is often the domain of gods, and we mere mortals could only drool and dream.

But LAVA Music is a revolutionary music instruments maker that understands music, and music creation for everyone. They had a couple of “smart” guitars, but their latest LAVA ME 3 is such an incredible guitar that blew me away.

The carbon fiber LAVA ME 3 has a practice mode for budding guitarists. It has a built-in tuner. There is a metronome. It has a loops engine. It has an effects module. And it does recording! And all these functions are encased in a smartphone-like touchscreen panel on the guitar. You can have accompaniments like beats, effects like reverb, and record yourself “live” to the cloud. So yes, it has Wifi and Bluetooth too. And you don’t even need to bring anything else with you. Charge it on its dedicated charging dock, and go play!

I believe this is the guitar that would get many more into music making, and not just playing covers!